Monday, May 22, 2006

Rich O's Public House cracks the Top 20 in Beer Advocate rankings.

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Last week was American Craft Beer Week, and although I knew about it, the days passed by without acknowledgment.

Perhaps this is because every working day is “craft beer day” for me, and the official observances seem almost redundant, although it is understood that the broad idea is to use American Craft Beer Week as a pretext to educate the consumer and to celebrate the diversity of grassroots American beer culture.

At any rate, the popular web site Beer Advocate released a list in conjunction with American Craft Beer Week:

The Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America

Here are the top ranked Places to Have a Pint in America based on BeerFly reviews by site users.

Rich O’s Public House not only made the list, but we are pegged at #19, and that’s a high honor, indeed.

# 17 = Russian River Brewing Company (Santa Rosa, CA)
# 18 = Monk's Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)
# 19 = Rich O's Public House (New Albany, IN)
# 20 = Southampton Publick House (Southampton, NY)
# 21 = Hopleaf Bar (Chicago, IL)

When we began our good beer program in 1992, the emphasis was on imported beers, but as the years have passed, the balance has shifted in favor of American microbrews. Naturally, this reflects the growth of the segment, which in turn indicates a greater willingness on the part of Americans to step outside of the Bud and try new things.

To me, the greatest manifestation of craft beer’s increased acceptance is the fact that we now brew our own beers – right here in New Albany.

Our beers are embraced for their own merits -- right here in New Albany.

They’re enjoyed – right here in New Albany -- by a broad cross-section of local beer drinkers, both at our own establishment and at an off-premise venue like the new Bistro New Albany.

At our level, it’s truly "brewing with a human face," and it’s fun to be in a position where art and commerce flow together in such a tuneful manner.

Kindly permit me to offer heartfelt thanks to all my friends and patrons for your support of our business, but more importantly, for your recognition that local businesses are important and worthy of support.

Rest assured, I try to return the favor whenever possible.


edward parish said...

So what night did you say open tap customer appreciation was going to be?

Just joking, you all put a huge effort in for all to enjoy, keep up the good work!

barenada said...

Very cool, Roger. My congrats to everyone there.