Thursday, January 05, 2006

Three new NABC beer "labels," and more on the way.

One of our kitchen workers, Tony Beard, is an incredibly gifted artist.

As part of the NABC brewery expansion and overall product improvement project, we've engaged him to design new logos and produce official artwork for our house beers.

Here are three drafts, er, designs representing draughts. They're still subject to some revision, but they're so good, it's well worth a preview:

The Bob's Old 15 B has been done, too, but the image was unavailable for photographing. Yet to be executed is Elector, which will retain the "devilish" imagery of polling and unanimous choices.

I spoke with Tony today about designing the 2006 Gravity Head t-shirt, and he seems agreeable. We don't want to lose him, but as you can see, he's headed for bigger and better things.


barenada said...

Those really are amazing. Maybe HE should do the DaveFest shirt design.

edward parish said...

Love the new art work.

David R. Pierce said...

I concur with Mr. Ed! Good stuff.

ThePurpleSeal said...

Hi there,

A while back I started brewing my own traditional english ale, I have really started getting into it and now actually sell my wine to friends and family. I wanted to add that extra touch to my beer so I designed my own beer labels and had them printed by a british labels company who did a excellent job. It has made my beer bottles look really great!