Monday, January 30, 2006

Browning's Restaurant and Brewery is progressing.

Brewmaster Brian Reymiller of Browning’s Restaurant and Brewery dropped by Rich O's last week for a chat and a pint, accompanied by an out-of-town friend, Ed, who Brian said gave him his first brewing job (at a Hops! Brewery franchise somewhere Down South).

Later Brian worked for Victory Brewing in Pennsylvania, a curmudgeonly favorite, and Smoky Mountain Brewing Company in Tennessee. He came to Browning’s during a period of reorganization (to put it diplomatically), and although there’s still work to be done to permanently establish Browning’s as an upper echelon option for Louisville-area beer enthusiasts, it would seem that much progress is being made.

Browning’s (slightly upscale pub ambience) and the adjoining Park Place on Main (white tablecloth) are situated in Louisville Slugger Field, home of the AAA Bats.

The chef is local legend Anoosh Shariat, a man whose considerable talents are perhaps more applicable to the Park Place side, but who has lifted the quality and flair of the brewpub menu beyond where it was before his arrival.

As noted at the brewpub’s half of the joint web site, the list of regular beer offerings has been tightened to four principles and given proper names, mostly derived from Louisville history: Saint Hildegard Helles Lager, John Shield’s Blacksmith Porter, Fleur De Lis IPA and Louis XVI Guillotine ESB.

The physical set-up of the brewpub remains stunning, with a two-story glass enclosed brewing tower looking out over the seating area. There have been problems in the past with balancing the cathedral-like height of the ceilings with the need to suggest warmth and intimacy on the floor, but in spite of ongoing efforts to bring this about by rearranging furniture and booths, probably the best solution is to have the brewpub filled with people drinking beer, dining and having fun.

Readers are encouraged to check out Brian’s brewing work and report on the experience at Browning’s.

(Photo credit goes to the Browning's web site ... by chance, was it assembled by New Albany's Idealogy band of merry ad men?)


edward parish said...

Carolyn and I banned Brwoning's from our rotation after how they did Eileen, but at the suggestion of Dave Pierce we went back to try
Brian Reymiller's brews. Damn good beer, I just wish they would open back up on Sunday.

The New Albanian said...

It's good to hear that. I think Brian's hitting his stride, and what I forgot to mention in the article is that Browning's has distribution with North Vernon in Indiana, and has sold some beer already to Buckhead's in Jeffersonville.