Sunday, January 22, 2006

More on the advent of Bistro New Albany.

Yesterday’s posting was a reprint of an NA Confidential article from earlier in the week that predicted a January 30 opening for the new Bistro New Albany.

As you may know, this venture does not represent direct financial investment on my part, and is not an offshoot of NABC in any way.

However, BNA will be serving New Albanian Brewing Company beers (and Bluegrass Brewing's, as well as a variety of guest drafts), and as such, it has been regarded since its inception as NABC's downtown taproom of sorts.

My keen interest in Greg’s and Dave’s business goes far beyond the relatively minimal profit that NABC can be expected to garner from beer sales, although money and exposure of course are important.

Since taking up residence in downtown New Albany in 2003, it has been my goal to do whatever I can to contribute to its revitalization.

It is my firm belief that owing to a number of fortuitous factors, many like-minded people have come together over the past two years to bolster the ranks of those who never flagged in their efforts to improve New Albany’s historical core, but simply needed reinforcements and encouragement to take the struggle to the next level.

Accordingly, the advent of Bistro New Albany is a powerful statement of confidence in the future of downtown New Albany.

As long-term veterans of the restaurant business, Greg and Dave spent quite some time investigating start-up possibilities throughout the metropolitan Louisville area … and they chose a venue that some might regard as counter-intuitive or even perverse, although I prefer to think that posterity will recognize that the hopeful signs were simply too many to ignore.

Speaking both personally and on behalf of NABC, it’s going to be very exciting to pair our craft beers with the creative menu items that will be offered at Bistro New Albany.

Rest assured, I already know which beer goes best with our pizza and sandwiches, but the thought of exploring the flavor combinations with a buffalo burger, fresh daily pasta and Capriole goat cheese (among others) stimulates the imagination.

In addition, a local attorney recently told me that the absence of an off-premise “meeting place” downtown hampers productivity. I think you’ll see BNA become such a place. It shouldn't be forgotten that Denver's Wynkoop Brewing Company was the primary early impetus for the revitalization of Lower Downtown (LoDo).

I’ve been asked many times what BNA plans to do for Sunday hours, and as I understand it, nothing is being planned – at least in the beginning.

Greg and Dave have discussed doing a Sunday brunch, but over and above that, let’s hope that it becomes possible during the warm weather months to have the outdoor patio and garden area open for business.

There’s something about drinking good beer outside in nice weather, and something more to drinking it in a lovely setting like the BNA’s garden, especially on a on-working Sunday at the conclusion of a vigorous walk or bicycle ride.

When I pause to consider the other quality-of-life improvements coming to New Albany – Phase I of the Ohio River Greenway, the imminent likelihood of opening the K & I Bridge to link to Louisville’s River Walk, Scribner Place construction, the early stages of loft and condo conversions downtown --- hopeful scenarios are many and bright.

BNA stands to be a huge part of it all. Wish them luck, and check them out when the opportunity arises.

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Nightmare said...

HEY!! I found you while stumbling around the blog world, and I hope that one day soon I will be making my way to your establishment, as my Mom lives in Floyds Knobs. But anyway I like the outdoor area, looks great.

I have a long resume of hospitality gigs from Doorman to owner I have done it all! I would suggest doing a sunday brunch as long as it involved something like I had out in CA. where we could serve almost unlimited champagne to diners for a huge price..well huge at the time.

Anyway place looks good and I hope to try the beer someday soon.

Nightmare said...

I forgot to say replace champange with your beer...oops