Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bistro New Albany looking firm for a January 30 opening.

A visit earlier this week confirmed that our friends and intrepid downtown New Albany bistro pioneers, Greg Merz and Dave Clancy, remain knee deep in the all-from-scratch hoopla that attends opening a restaurant, and although they were intent on a January 23 opening, it looks as though January 30 will be the probable starting date.

Hiring is under way, dry goods are coming in, and the various regulatory stipulations are being met.

Although the dining area in the former House of Bread will remain much the same as before, with the addition of a very small bar in the nook to the rear, the kitchen has been entirely revamped. As noted previously, the culinary offerings at Bistro New Albany will be broad and ambitious (see links below for more background information).

NABC intends to supply at least three draft beers to Bistro New Albany, increasing to four or five when supply permits. There will two or three BBC beers on tap, as well as guests like Spaten and Sierra Nevada. Greg plans a short bottled list of beers, and a well-stocked wine cellar.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Bistro New Albany stands to be a turning point for the city's reviving downtown business district.

Other pieces of the emerging puzzle are beginning to fit together.

Last week I spoke with Dave at Federal Hill, and he said that in addition to putting the finishing touches on his own expansion plan, he's spending time helping the owners of the new coffee shop near the corner of Spring and State (in the tiling store) get open for business -- with luck, before the end of the month.

Last weekend, I met a former city resident who'd just finished touring downtown properties with Lopp Real Estate's dynamic Mike Kopp, and was excited about investment opportunities.

Read Ann's Diggin' In the Dirt blog entry today for still more good news about downtown New Albany.

Make no mistake, and ignore the disinformation: There is movement on a wide variety of fronts.

New Bistro New Albany hoping to open by the end of January.

Bistro New Albany to open for business later this month at 148 E. Market Street in downtown New Albany.

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