Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Curmudgeon discusses his goals for the coming months -- nothing too personal, though.

Between now and the commencement of Gravity Head on February 24, I’m hoping to achieve a number of goals.

Among these are increasing my stocks of signature glassware, re-examining the bottled beer list (some beers come, and others go), and culling the cellar for beers suitable for vending come May and the annual FOSSILS Breweriana Sale.

These goals exist apart from what’s about to be required of the brewery, as in the case of an accurate system of accounting and invoicing for outside sales, incorporating our new logos and artwork into the marketing effort, and refining the core brands.

Gravity Head itself is a monster, requiring much attention to detail and a supreme effort at coordination in order to buy, store and tap 35-40 different beers over a month-long period.

Our banquet and meeting facility, which we’re calling Prost! after the German beer hall toast, is gradually rounding into shape. It will be available for scheduled events, parties, meetings and the like, and as with every other aspect of the business, there must be procedures and rules governing its use if we are to maximize the possibilities that such a space affords.

Nowadays, when I’m able to stay around at night and socialize a bit as in days of yore, it’s a kick. But if you’re wondering why I’m not hanging around during evenings as much as before … read the preceding again. It took a long time for me to get used to the idea that it’s a business and not just a living room with 33 taps … yet, for better or worse, that’s the way it is, now.


I’m tremendously excited about this year’s breweriana sale, which is tentatively scheduled for May 13. This is a Saturday, as opposed to previous years when the sale was held on Sunday owing to its size and having nowhere to put the vendors and still be open for business.

With Prost!, everything changes. We’ll open Rich O’s early on Saturday morning, have the usual menu (food and beer) available at all times, be able to house numerous breweriana vendors in Prost! – and have a very fun day all the way around.

For me, it means being able to hold one of my periodic ballast-reduction yard sales on the same day as the breweriana people are in attendance (remember, no carry-out sales on Sunday, so it couldn’t be done before).

Put this one on the calendar, and check for further details.

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Iamhoosier said...

Seems like I remember a quote similar to:

"I lead a pretty simple life. All I want to do is make just a little more than my basic living expenses so that I can continue to make my trips to Europe."

Not really sure where I may have heard that. Any ideas? (smile)

I am glad the business seems to be doing well or least enough to survive. I would hate for it to vanish.