Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Curmudgeon does Oregon? Americana? Is anyone safe?

You can bet your last dime that the Curmudgeon intends to test this theory during his upcoming April visit.

In Oregon, It's a Brew Pub World, by Jessica Merrill (New York Times).

Good beer has become so commonplace that it has blended comfortably into the fabric of social life. Instead of fancy distractions, a big scene or a big screen, there is simply craft beer and a craft of another sort - the art of talking.

Yes, a road trip is being planned.

The Curmudgeon and Graham Phillips will be embarking on a nine-day highway outing to Portland, there to meet my wife, and Graham to visit with his son and family.

On the way, we’ll stop at Rogue Ales for an extensive sampling of that legendary brewery’s wares.

There may be other research possibilities in Northern California ...

From Portland, Diana and I will visit Seattle before flying back home.

Meanwhile, Graham will be spending extra quality time in Portland prior to returning to do whatever it is that retired people like him do when they’re not coming into Rich O’s for a pint.

But first, Gravity Head must be staged, and a few more miles put on aching knees.


barenada said...

Mac & Jack's African Amber

The New Albanian said...

Never heard of it until now. I did some Googling, and definitely will have one in April -- more if necessary.