Sunday, November 13, 2005

NABC brewery expansion update.

The brewery expansion project is proceeding according to schedule.

Last week, NABC's brewers Jesse Williams and Jared Williamson worked on remodeling the former game room area located in the Sportstime seating area, and the initial work to bring the new fermenters and serving tanks on line with the existing glycol chilling system was started.

By the end of the coming week, the serving tanks should be in position, freeing the main floor of the brewery so that (a) the new fermenter installation can be finished, and (b) the brewery itself can be scrubbed down and brewing restarted.

The serving tanks then will be connected with the tap station, and some semblance of normalcy will be restored.

Administratively, Indiana's Alcohol and Tobacco Commission signed off on the floor plan changes, both for the brewery expansion and the new banquet/conference area that we plan to call Prost. There the floor has been laid, and painting will begin soon, with a deadline of November 30 looking reasonable.

As noted previously, during the beginning stages of the brewing capacity increase, we plan to focus on five core styles before broadening the offerings again. I'm hoping this means fresh beer in mid-December at roughly the same time as Saturnalia begins.

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