Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Last call for Drinking Liberally tonight.

Tonight: Pints (plural) for democracy.

Owing to the necessity of setting aside seating space at Rich O's for Tuesday's Drinking Liberally gathering, might those planning on attending please drop me a private e-mail, or comment below, and provide a (non-binding) RSVP?

Drinking Liberally comes to Rich O’s Public House for a 7:00 p.m. session. Readers who are nodding in agreement with the organization’s stated aim of spreading democracy “one pint at a time” are encouraged to attend. While we're not expecting the city council's Gang of Four to be among those visiting, they're certainly welcome to drop in, quaff Progressive Ale, and justify their political existences.

Previously at NA Confidential: Drinking Liberally – coming soon to Rich O’s?

Louisville DL takes road trip to Rich O’s in New Albany, by Vicki Sansbury (from Drinking Liberally’s on-line forum).

Drinking Liberally helps kill the pain for lefties, by Stephen George (Louisville Eccentric Observer, July 5, 2005).

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