Friday, November 18, 2005

Ram and Oaken Barrel stopovers during an Indy roadtrip day.

It would be senseless to drive all the way to Indianapolis for ten minutes of state bureaucracy business without sampling a beer or three from the city's brewpubs.

After completing Greg's ATC pilgrimage yesterday, the two of us walked a few short blocks from the state office complex to Ram Restaurant & Brewery (140 S. Illinois St.), where we dined and sampled brewer Dave Colt's Oatmeal Brown, Old No. V and IPA.

Of the three downtown "corporate" brewpubs in Indianapolis, Ram always has been the pick of the litter to the Curmudgeon. Alcatraz lies just across the street from Ram, and Rock Bottom's only a couple of blocks away on Washington, but if you have time for one, check out Ram.

During a nice brewhouse chat with Dave and his assistant Jerry, we discussed the opening of Ram's second location in Fishers, Indiana, which the brewery downtown will be supplying courtesy of Cavalier wholesalers.

Accordingly, it may be possible for us to work out an arrangement to procure some of Ram's winter seasonals, which are to include Jerry's Dunkel (Bock) Weizen, Dave's Sierra Nevada Celebration clone, and an Imperial Stout (for Gravity Head).

For those southbound on I-65, remember that Oaken Barrel Brewing Company is but a mile or two west of the Interstate at the Greenwood exit.

We settled in at the bar, ordered beers and munchies, and later hailed brewer Ken Price, who showed us the expanded brewhouse.

Ken's last two beers to appear at Rich O's were Saison and Super Fly IPA, and both were hits. His Epiphany Tripel, fermented with Belgian Trappist yeast, is coming up during Saturnalia. It's rich, tawny golden and sweetish, and should be perfect for taking the edge off the forthcoming holiday.

I'm always interested in featuring the beer crafted by Dave, Ken and their assistants, not because they're great people and deserve recognition, but because their talents are the reason why Indiana breweries produce many fine beers -- and we enjoy selling and drinking fine beer.

Photo credit: Dave Colt's picture was taken from Down to Drinking, an article in the NUVO alternative newspaper, and a link recommended in its own right as a source for information about these and other Indianapolis breweries.

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David R. Pierce said...

I had a great conversation and IPA's with Dave after the FestivAle a couple years ago. Dave used to work for AB as a sales guy. He described in great detail AB's plan for world domination.