Saturday, November 19, 2005

NABC brewery expansion almost finished; brewing to resume by November 28.

NABC's four new 7-barrel serving tanks were taken into their special area today and put into place.

Now that they're out of the brewery, the way is clear to complete the chilling system hookups for the serving tanks and the two new fermenters.

At left, proud brewers (and haulers) Jesse Williams (L) and Jared Williamson (R) express relief that the heaviest lifting is over.

Other than the glycol chilling system pumps and hookups, still ahead are the beer line installation and a deep brewery cleaning before brewing can resume somewhere around November 28. We'll have lost three weeks of brewing time, but should be able to catch up by Christmas.

At the other end of the building, the wooden floor is down, and the walls are being painted in the wing formerly known as Paul Rutherford Accounting, and henceforth to be Prost, our banquet and conference area.

The main seating area is pictured here, but there will also be other rooms for use during parties, one with a pool table and darts, another with a bar and couches, a smoking lounge, and eventually televisions and audio. This space is not going to be used as an expansion of seating on a regular basis, but for special functions and large parties.

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