Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bouncing baby fermenters and serving tanks finally arrive.

A day later than expected, the truck from Canada (via Chicago) arrived this morning and disgorged two fermenters and four serving tanks from DME, which are now safely housed in the brewery until the next stages of the installation process unfold.

We are extremely thankful to the folks at Feeder's Supply, who let us borrow a forklift (with driver) and a pallet jack. In the photo above, the serving tanks are standing, and one of the fermenters lying on its side. Here's another view:

On Monday, Jesse and Jared cleared the decks in the brewery to make room for the tanks, and it looked like this:

Now things have become crowded again. The two fermenters will join the two already in place, and be plumbed into the glycol chiller.

The four serving tanks will be moved from the brewery into a space being readied for their occupancy. Those familiar with the Sportstime seating area will recognize the now former game room.

John and the good people from AAA Plumbing Doctor are cutting a floor drain today and tomorrow, and we'll do some waterproofing of the walls before removing two panes of the glass between the brewery and the seating area, and moving the serving tanks into their permanent home.

Special long-draw draft lines, a standard feature in most brewpubs, will connect the serving tanks with a draft station, which probably will be located in the area of Rich O's known as the (now former coffee room).

As if all this weren't enough for a chilly October morning, the roofers returned from a rain delay to resume work. Here they are, with the plumbers merrily jack-hammering beneath them:

To top it off, two out of the three big weekly beer deliveries came in within minutes of each other. Once the new equipment is installed and working, it is our hope to slightly reduce the amount of beer purchased from outside, to increase the amount of house-brewed beer and be able to offer six to eight draft NABC beers at all times, and to have a proportion left over to sell to the outside account that I still can't divulge at this time, but which is well on its way to fruition.

It would be nice to stop for the day ...

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