Monday, October 31, 2005

Importer and blue noses square off in Connecticut's Elf beer ban.

Thanks to Hank for forwarding this newsworthy link:

Connecticut Wants to Ban Beer With Elf Label, by Pat Eaton-Robb.

An Associated Press synopsis:

The Connecticut state Liquor Control Commission has notified Shelton Brothers distributors that it will not allow the sale of Seriously Bad Elf , a British import, in Connecticut on the grounds that the label might appeal to children. The state has wide ranging discretion to regulate the sales of alchohol according to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

I told Hank that there's no better person in the importing business -- in fact, in any business -- than Dan Shelton to fire back at the blue-nosed censors, and unsurprisingly, he already has:


In the case of State of Connecticut vs. Santa Claus, the defendant pleads . . . bewildered. "I never meant to hurt anybody," an obviously shaken Claus told reporters, after posting bail at a Hartford-area police station.

When will the bureaucrats ever learn?

Did I mention that a keg of Seriously Bad Elf has been ordered for Saturnalia?

I'll be awaiting word from Our Man Mitch as to whether it's permissable.

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Hank said...

Classy and humorous reply to an absurd situation. Roger, thanks for publishing the Shelton Brothers response and ordering 'Seriously Bad Elf' for Saturnalia!