Friday, October 14, 2005

Books about beer -- accompany with beer.

For those who are not yet aware, New Albany has its first full service bookstore in over 50 years -- this on top of the city's first brewery (NABC, 2002) in almost seven decades.

Good beer and good books. We're for them.

Destinations Booksellers opened roughly one year ago, and besides being a place where you can buy books and magazines, the store is located only five blocks down Spring Street from the Curmudgeon's abode, making it a convenient stop to shoot the breeze and discuss local politics.

Owner Randy Smith has been writing a books column for the New Albany Tribune, and his most recent effort discusses books about beer and brewing.

Brewers Large and Small Turn the Page; Beer books give peek at businesses and hobbyists by Randy Smith (October 12, 2005).

Remember that Randy can order any book, about beer or otherwise. Become a patron of Destinations Booksellers, and tell Randy that I sent you.

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