Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More good news: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale kegs due on Oct.12.

Our wholesaler in North Vernon has informed me that our shipment of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale should be in the warehouse by Oct. 12, and this is good news, indeed.

Thankfully, excellent ales are in abundance these days, but for many of us the yearly arrival of Celebration Ale (not to be confused with the magnificent Celebrator Doppelbock from Germany's Ayinger) remains a much anticipated and, yes, celebrated time.

Assuming that the kegs arrive when predicted and deliveries are normal, I plan to run Celebration Ale until there are two kegs remaining, and hold the final ones for the week prior to Christmas. In theory, we have twelve kegs reserved for us, so the plan is workable.

Given past history in such matters, a crossing of fingers would not be excessive.

I've found that holding Celebration Ale for too long is to risk a noticeable decrease in the incredibly bold, dry-hopped character, so keep your eyes open, and be ready to enjoy this desert island beer when the time comes -- as it should soon.


Online Web Solutions said...
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Matthew D Dunn said...

Couple things:

Thanks for the notes on your Belgium trip.

Secondly, I imagine the deleted comments on the blog are from spammers. You should turn on the word verification function in your comments section of your settings. That stops them.

Thirdly, where and when will a solid list of what will be available this Friday be posted? I'm trying to decide if I should come down for the opener this Friday. I'm mainly interested in the Randall, but I'd like to know what else is going to be on.