Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rich O's Public House in the LEO annual dining guide.

It was another hectic week, and only today was there time to survey the annual dining issue published by the Louisville Eccentric Obsever (LEO), which hit the streets last Wednesday.

Rich O's Public House received a nice mention from the inimitable Marty Rosen in the lead article:

“Across the river in New Albany, Rich O’s Public House is itself a microcosm of the globe, at least when it comes to beer. Nobody, but nobody in the metro region, boasts more varieties of beer; the only thing likely to be missing is mass-produced industrial lager. The beer will make you peckish, a condition easily remedied by the sublimely aromatic roasted garlic pizza served there.”

We got Eurasia, and lots more: Around Louisville’s ethnic dining world in 90 meals (go with it), by Marty Rosen.

For more information on food and dining in the Louisville area, bookmark Louisville Hot Bytes, the comprehensive resource maintained by Robin Garr, who recently revamped the site by incorporating a blog format.

Note that each of Robin's postings contains a link to his Louisville Restaurants Forum. Finally, remember that when you go out to eat, drop me a line about the beer list (if any) at the establishment you visited.

In other news, the brewery finally has a sign in place -- and after only three years of dithering. Could be a new speed record for us.


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