Friday, March 18, 2016

Diary: On the hip edginess of crappy multinational beer.

Am I the only surly curmudgeon, long of jagged tooth and howling at the Blue Moon, who notices a certain disparity of aspirations when an eatery takes great pains to explain to me its commitment to local ingredients, and to uphold its fidelity to the authenticity of regional cuisines (prepared with local ingredients), and sets the bar quite high in all respects but has the chops to pull it off ... but still has one or more BudMillerCoors industrial products on tap, or worst yet, Pabst in a can, because having a cheaper multinational around is kinda hip and edgy and shit, even if contradicts every last one of the eatery's other valid bullet points about walking the walk?

I'll stop there.

I see it a lot these days, and it's annoying. Pabst in a can? Great. Let's hope you're buying off the Sysco truck.


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