Thursday, March 31, 2016

About an excellent brewery crawl in Bloomington, Indiana (March 30, 2016).

Knowing there'd be no chance of making the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival (April 9) this year, when a chance came to spend a day roaming this great Indiana city, I grabbed it. It was a cool, overcast day in March, ideal for walking.

First up was the Soma Coffee House on Kirkwood for espresso and short stories by Wolfgang Hilbig.

Just down the street toward campus is Bloomington Bagel Company, and a breakfast of an onion bagel with cream cheese and heavenly lox. I love the smell of cured/smoked/pickled fishies in the morning.

About this time, it occurred to me that there might be a walkable drinking pattern for my day. I resolved to walk first to Upland Brewing Company, where they were unlocking the doors upon approach. Campside Session IPA got things rolling.

Then it was all the way across town to Bloomington Brewing Company in Lennie's, where a Kirkwood Cream Ale tasted wonderful with a lunch portion of chorizo and potato soup.

In route to The Tap, I paused to observe Bloomington's parking meter regime. There were lots of meters, most of them with a car parked alongside. It's the best way to assign value to a necessary resource, but ultimately it didn't matter to me. I was on foot.

The Tap is located on the main square. It began as a beer bar and multi-tap, and later added a small brewery. My sampler included Berliner Weisse, Tripel, Oktoberfest and IPA. The beers were impressive, and I enjoyed my chat with a transplanted native of Buffalo NY.

The bartender at the The Tap helpfully reminded me that Quaff On (Big Woods) has a taproom sans brewery a stone's throw from Soma. My beer of choice was Hoosier Red Ale.

Finally, the place I wanted to go most of all, Function Brewing. It's on Sixth Street, just off the north side of the square. D did a sampler and ordered a Capriole goat cheese appetizer. My pint was Smoked Amber. There was time to chat with the Llewellyns, and then we set off for our evening meal at Esan Thai.

Crispy fried chicken or tofu cooked with red curry, coconut milk, pineapple, bell pepper, chili and basil. Spice level starts at 3.

Funny, but my road trips all lead to diets and/or detox.


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