Tuesday, October 06, 2015

"Upland Wheat, and an End to Pretension."

Damn it, Indiana on Tap -- stop using all caps in your headers. You're guilty of annoying the curmudgeon's style manual. You and SmartTowns.org ...

Apart from that, here's a much needed corrective to the prevailing hoarders' narcissism. There's nothing at all wrong with dependable daily treats, whether Upland's Wheat Ale or a Bell's Two Hearted.

Great article.

This Week on Tap: Upland Wheat, and an End to Pretension, by Adam T. Schick (Indiana On Tap)

Being a craft beer fan can be exhaustive. It can be a pain in the ass constantly searching for the next big thing, or spending Thanksgiving camping out in front of a liquor store waiting for an annual bottle release, or scouring the internet looking for someone who can rush ship you a can of an IPA released once every blood moon in the unmapped woods of Vermont. Personally, it often weighs on me that I can’t just drink a beer without first having to inspect its aroma, inquire about its hop profile, and chew it around in my mouth. It’s so stressful being a snob!

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