Thursday, October 01, 2015

Top Five posts at Potable Curmudgeon for August and September, 2015.

In honor of the fact that I forgot to post an August list, and September proved to be too busy for me to accomplish very much outside of campaigning for mayor, these two months are combined into one Top Five list, as always determined by numbers of unique hits, as reported by Blogger.

The list begins with No. 5, and ends with No. 1. Thanks for reading.


Kentucky State Fair homebrewing competition winners for 2015.


The New Albany Restaurant & Bar Association presents Biers on Parade, at the Farmers Market on Saturday, October 3.


Top Five posts at Potable Curmudgeon for July, 2015.


Stephen "Taco Steve" Powell, his taco cart, and downtown New Albany.


My column in the latest Food & Dining Magazine is about Gordon Biersch.

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