Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mobreki Brewery in the Trolley Barn; Madison, Indiana.

I'm told that the Sakka Blue sushi restaurant in Madison, Indiana is closed, and the Facebook page confirms it: "Due to problems associated with staffing a specialty restaurant with qualified personnel, Sakka Blue is closed."

Too bad. Until advised otherwise, I assume the other businesses in the Trolley Barn remain open: Just Brew It (homebrewing) and Mobreki Brewery. There is an Untappd listing at Mobreki on January 2, and that's a good sign.

Periodically someone will ask me about Mobreki, and for whatever reason, I've not gotten to know the people involved or the brewery all that well. As a director on the board of the Brewers of Indiana Guild, it's inexcusable, although my feeble defense is that Madison and the Thomas Family Winery are synonymous in my mind, and when in town, invariably I become rooted to a spot near Steve's cider.

Hopefully that will change, and I can make time for Mobreki. Also, NABC's always happy to help if anything is needed. If you know them, please let them know.

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