Sunday, January 12, 2014

King: "Thats right, I said free BEER conference."

It has been much fun touting the title of my presumed contribution to the symposium, "Everything You Know Is Wrong," but this isn't to imply an absence of serious intent. The point to remember is that my topic applies not only to the world outside, but also (perhaps especially) to NABC and me.

Meanwhile, John King offers this symposium preview at the place where my column appears tomorrow. Here's a teaser for The PC on Monday: "Even today, while at work, you’re generally free to consume as much coffee as you please, though not ale … and that’s a shame."

Craft Beer Writing: Beer, the Digital, and the Craft Culture, by John King (

... One non-asshole faculty member (Gohmann is included in this group as well, maybe Horine. Maybe.) works just down the road at the University of Kentucky and loves craft beer just as much as I do. Jeff Rice, or Dr. Fabulous if you are his wife, is a professor of Writing Rhetoric and Digital Media at UK. Jeff also masterminds two blogs: Some nerdy one and then one about beer. The reason I am bringing Jeff up is because he is hosting Craft Beer Writing: Beer, the Digital, and the Craft Culture on February 15th in Lexington. Oh, and it’s FREE! You just have to pre-register. Thats right, I said free BEER conference!

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