Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Diary: I know just how Lenin felt.

During the Soviet Union's latter stages of terminal illness, there was a joke told about its founder, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, which went something like this.

Soviet scientists manage to solve the problem of bringing the dead back to life, and immediately apply the new cure to Lenin's waxen, embalmed body. They are giddy as he slowly comes to consciousness. Asked what he needs first, Lenin replies: "Show me to my old office, and bring every issue of Pravda published since my death."

This is done, and as he closes the office door, he gives orders not to be disturbed.

Several days pass, and Lenin never once reemerges from the office. Scientists and party hacks become worried, but are afraid to defy the re-animated leader's strict orders to be left alone. Finally they can stand it no longer, and barge into Lenin's office. Newspapers are strewn about, but he is missing. On his desk is a note.

"Comrades, I've gone to start all over."

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