Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to properly report the prospect of beer and wine at the Indiana State Fair.

If I had seen Chris Sikich's Indy Star article first, yesterday's post wouldn't have been made. This account is far better, and entirely non-flippant.

Has there ever been a better example of Indiana's fundamental weirdness than a state legislature banning beer and wine from the state fair because of littering?

Ban on alcohol at State Fair may end

Would you like to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine at the Indiana State Fair?

The prohibition on alcohol sales at the fair, which has lasted more than six decades, may soon be coming to an end, thanks to changing attitudes and growing support for an emerging homegrown beer and wine industry.

Enacted in 1947 as a reaction to fair litterbugs, the ban is now considered by some to be an outdated vestige of blue laws that ought to be discarded.

Increasing support from State Fair officials, craft beer and wine producers, and some key state legislators makes overturning of the ban a stronger possibility this year, despite failed attempts in the past.

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