Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Salt Creek Brewery in Needmore, Indiana.

On September 21st, I borrowed Graham and his truck for a round of beer buying in Southern Indiana. The kegs we purchased were served at the Southern Indiana Craft Showcase the following day, and now they're appearing one by one at the Pizzeria & Public House. First stop was Salt Creek Brewery in Needmore, a town north of Bedford. As you can see, the brewery is located in a converted filling station.

Specifically, the brewing system occupies the former grease pit, making it among the most unique set-ups I've ever witnessed. The beers are good, too; out choice for the showcase was Colonel Klink, an Altbier.

The bar area fronts Salt Creek's grease pit brewhouse. Note the old gas pump on the left. There is a kitchen and family seating to the right, and evening music is a staple.

The owner/brewer, Brad Hawkins, shows us how oil cans can be adaptively reused as beer pitchers. I met Brad for the first time in September at the Eikosi Festival in Salem, and his plan of operation in Needmore is just what Indiana beer is about. He's making mid-range styles, educating consumers, and slowly ramping up beer strengths and character. The atmosphere is eclectic, but community-oriented and efficient. Both Graham and I are quite eager to make it back to Needmore for pints, meals and an evening's entertainment. I'll tell you when, and maybe you can meet us there.

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Mister Malty said...

One of the coolest breweries i have ever been at.