Tuesday, October 04, 2011

NABC namedropped at Kentucky Sports Radio.

Thanks to D for the tip, as I do not frequent college sports sites.

My Old Kentucky Brewery, at Kentucky Sports Radio

But for this post, we’re going to go off on a tangent about something I’m a big fan of: beer. Let’s take a look at the different breweries around the great Commonwealth of Kentucky…

I must say that it is flattering to be mentioned in this thoroughly blue space, and while not a dime of advertising revenue was expended to gain placement, retroactive remuneration (nudge, wink) is never entirely out of the question. Apart from the author not knowing about the advent of Against the Grain in place of the late Browning's, it's a worthy survey of options, including some I'm just now learning exist ... see Danville, Kentucky in a forthcoming post.

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