Friday, October 07, 2011

If you believe that "Indianapolis is not known as a beer scene," you're not paying attention.

Nothing I’ve read recently has annoyed me quite like a mailing I received today from the Beer Bloggers Conference, which contains an on-line survey ("citizen beer bloggers" only, bitches) to help the organization weigh bids from four cities wishing to host the 2012 North American Beer Bloggers Conference.

The cities are Asheville NC, Austin TX, St. Louis MO and Indianapolis IN. I previously was aware that Bob Mack and World Class Beer had been spearheading the notion of Indianapolis as a potential conference site, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the faint praise heaped upon my state capital.

Indianapolis, Indiana:
This is perhaps our most unusual bid. We all know Indianapolis is not known as a beer scene. However, as a local brewer told us, "Since beer blogging is all about discovery and sharing, Indianapolis is the perfect place for a future conference." Friday dinner would be at the 1-million case warehouse of Monarch Beverages, Saturday would be outdoors at the Indianapolis City Market, and we would have an optional Thursday excursion to 3 Floyds.

- Positives: Strong support from BBC attendee Bob Mack of World Class Beverages, which might allow us to have more involvement from retailers and distributors. Nice central location easy to reach from all areas of the country.

- Negatives: Indianapolis simply does not have the number of local breweries we have had in Portland or Boulder.

Hmm. After reading this, my attention was drawn to this press release from the 40+ member Brewers of Indiana Guild, which also arrived this morning.

Indiana Claims Winningest Entry Rate from 2011 Great American Beer Festival with Spread of Brewers of Indiana Guild Members Taking Home Medals

Indianapolis, IN (October 6, 2011) – Brewers of Indiana Guild (B.I.G.) members Brugge Brasserie, Sun King Brewing Co., and Three Floyds Brewing Co. claimed honors in a competition among more than 3,930 beers vying for medals at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival Competition, the largest national beer competition recognizing the most outstanding beers produced in the United States today.

Indiana had the highest winning percentage of medals compared to entries by state, with a 19.2 percent winning rate. Specifically, Indiana won 10 medals out of 52 total entries.

Guild President Ted Miller says, “We are very pleased with Indiana’s outstanding showing. Very impressive.”

Sun King Brewing Co. was among the top five entrants with a total of eight medals including four gold medals for: Java Mac, Buffalo Slumber, Ring of Dingle and Wee Muckly. Sun King won silvers for: Wee Pogue, BBJ (Bourbon Barrel Jonah) and Popcorn Pilsner.

Sun King Brewing Co. Brewer/Owner Clay Robinson says, "We're overwhelmed and extremely proud. This is the highlight of our brewing careers."

Brugge Brasserie was honored with a Bronze medal for its Grimalkin – Super Kitty Fantastico. And, Three Floyds Brewing Co. received a silver for its Munster Fest. And,while entered under parent company in Colorado, Rock Bottom Brewery at College Park in Indianapolis was honored with a Silver for its Naughty Scot.

The Great American Beer Festival has been held annually since 1982 and is presented by the Brewers Association not-for-profit educational, trade association for craft brewers. Its mission is to make quality beer and brewing knowledge accessible to all.

Do I have a love-hate relationship with my home state of Indiana? You bet I do, primarily because conventions in Indy always are compelled by the Minister of Right-Wing Agitprop to make a mandatory visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Teabagger.

But in spite of the considerable odds against it, and after a late start, we're becoming a truly great beer state -- very quickly. Perhaps the Beer Bloggers Conference might pull itself away from "conventional" non-wisdom and start examining individual trees.


Allan Wright said...

If we were limited to subscribing to the conventional non-wisdom, do you think we would have included Indianapolis on the list of four potential BBC12 cities?

BBC Organizer

The New Albanian said...

Ah, yes, but as a blogger, both words and facts are important. It's what you say ... and how you say it.