Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Ben Minton.

Seriously, I meant to make this formal announcement two months ago, but I kept forgetting.

So, here goes: Ben Minton is the new Brewer at NABC’s Research & Development Brewery at the Pizzeria & Public House. You can reach him here ... ben(at) ... but first, Ben's testimonial:

"I fell in love with beer soon after I started washing dishes for NABC in the summer of 2004. As I’ve made my way up from the dish-room to the brewery, I’ve learned an amazing amount about the world of craft beer and gained a respect for brewing as an art form. As NABC’s newest brewer, I have been given an amazing opportunity to help shape the future of this company while creating some unique brews for you all to enjoy. Cheers!"

Here's his web site bio:

Ben Minton was once given the key to the city of New Albany by then-Mayor Doug England for reasons he can’t quite recall. He thinks he might even know where it is, probably in a drawer at his parents’ house. He should look for that sometime.

A faithful employee since 2004.
Doer of science.
Maker of beers.

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Rick500 said...

Congrats, Ben!