Thursday, July 15, 2010

A column update.

I'm a month into the notion of staying disciplined (right) by continuing to write Wednesday columns, posting them here at the blog instead of the former arrangement with LEO.

Below are links to the first quartet of columns. There'll be no column on Wednesday, July 21, as I'll be on holiday. With luck, holidazing will inspire wisdom on the 28th.

I've had fruitful preliminary discussions with a local media entity toward reviving the beer column. Neither "Mug Shots" nor "Wednesday Weekly" is to my liking, so if anyone has thoughts on what a future column might be called, let me know. That's your assignment before the 28th, okay?

Wednesday Weekly: Someone's gotta keep non-advertisers in line, right?

Wednesday Weekly: "Contract," my ass.

Wednesday Weekly: The Jackson I miss the most.

Wednesday Weekly: To the “craft” of the matter.

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