Monday, July 05, 2010

NABC weekend update.

Friday night (2 July) was the Louisville Independent Business Association's Louisville Brewfest at the Mellwood Arts Center, considered the kick-off for Independents Week. NABC poured along with BBC (both), Browning’s, Cumberland and Kentucky Ale. The arrangement was that LIBA bought the kegs from the breweries via River City Distributing, and charged for beer tickets redeemable for samples and full pours.

We floated all eight kegs – four each Community and Beak’s Best. I was there helping for a bit, but Josh Hill and Tony Beard did it all night, and Richard Atnip helped, too. Good work, guys, and thanks.

On Friday and Saturday (the 2nd and the 3rd) NABC was available at New Albany’s Riverfront Amphitheater, as purchased and resold by Studio’s Grill & Pub. Our first weekend with them was June 25 and 26, and Studio’s sold a 1/6 each of Beak’s and Tafel.

This past weekend, one each was gone by 8 p.m. on Saturday, and another back-up of Tafel was tapped to finish the night. The obvious conclusion is that sales were up. What we're doing with Studio's is relinquishing master catering rights in exchange for selling the beer to them as wholesaler. Everyone benefits, and there is exposure for the brands. We're hopeful that this system will continue, and NABC will be on tap for forthcoming events.

Sunday, July 4, was Growler Independence Day at Bank Street Brewhouse. NABC's three owners, Steve Powell and Josh Hill worked, and my tally of growlers sold was in the vicinity of 85-90, plus some pints, Bloody Marys, burnt weenie sandwiches and Scotch eggs. That’s close to three kegs of growlers. Good traffic, great crowd (one that was good natured about newly institututed mandatory ID carding) and a fun day all the way around.

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