Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Make It Local: Craft Beer and Food at Chef JJ's Back Yard in Indianapolis, on Friday, July 16.

For the past two years, the main event of the Brewers of Indiana Guild fest in Broad Ripple (this year on Saturday, July 17) has been preceded by a Friday night meal, one founded on the principle of pairing local beer with local food -- a natural for a state with plenty of both.

This year, Sun King and Brugge Brasserie are teaming with Hoosier Beer Geeks to stage the Friday feast at Chef JJ's Back Yard in Broad Ripple, and NABC jumped at the chance to provide beer. We're sending Oaktimus to be paired with the salad course, and chef Tyler Herald (a self-described hophead) reports that he may try to incorporate it in the dressing.

The previous two Friday events were tremendous fun for participants, although not lucrative for the guild, which is why this year's prelude is being repositioned as a cooperative effort between the like-minded. I cannot attend, but I can recommend that if you're in Indy the night before, you need to check this out.

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