Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NABC's World Cup Series: Three new beers for the global game.

Bank Street Brewhouse will be open and serving for USA's opening matches, as detailed in Tony Beard's artwork (above). Of course, numerous establishments in metro Louisville will be airing the matches, but how many of them created and brewed three new beers as specific accompaniment?

Never seen Budweiser do that for NASCAR, have you?


Ordinary Bitter, Keller Pils and Biere de Garde are the result of NABC's World Cup-status brew team's artistic collaboration, as brewed by Jared Williamson at the original garage brewhouse at the Public House & Pizzeria.

Stay tuned for the Publican's 50th Anniversary beer, to be called Ancient Rage, and coming to NABC's two locations in early August.

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