Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"Mug Shots" today in LEO: "The beer bucket list."

I'll credit GQ with providing the impetus for a discussion, which began at the Louisville Restaurants Forum, and I carried forward into my column for LEO today.

Mug Shots: The beer bucket list

To be worth its hops, this list must address wishes that extend somewhat beyond the mundane and everyday: not just great beers purchased at a package store, but ways and places to drink them — settings, countries, meals, breweries, festivals and modes of thinking outside the Bud.


Rob said...

The altstadt in Dusseldorf isnt on your list?

Maybe thats just mine.

Or it was too far down to list (and too similar to the Bamberg one)?

The New Albanian said...

Right: Too similar. It is/was always on mine, just didn't make the edit for the article.