Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beer event update, May 1 through May 16.

Consider this a liver warning: The NABC calendar is advancing toward full immersion in summertime beer fests. Two already have taken place, and more are coming.

On May 1, NABC sent a delegation to the 15th Annual St. Louis Microfest. Jared Williamson points the way to this favorable review.

Saturday, May 8, was the second annual Lexington Craft Beer Festival, held at the Red Mile harness racetrack. Josh Hill, NABC's new sales rep, attended the fest. We await a report.

The calendar doesn't show anything on May 15, so NABC's next road date is Sunday, May 16, for the second installment of the Great Flanagan's Beer Festival in Louisville. While the crew works at Flanagan's, the Curmudgeons will be toting NABC beer to Spring Open House 2010 at the Capriole goat cheese farm, including growlers of Hoptimus for washing their Mount St. Francis cheese. Yummers.

The following weekend, May 21 - 23, is packed with events. I'll save these for another post.

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