Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few articles and links of possible interest.

Partying at home? My fellow Food & Dining columnist Tim Laird has the complete plan, illustrated with photos by the inimitable Dan Dry, in this book: That's Entertainment!

But perhaps you're craving a change of scenery? The Curmudgeon always does, but isn't sure that an establishment accessible only by boat is the answer: Britain's most remote pub.

Also in the UK, mid-sized brewer Adnams seeks an end to small brewery tax break even though the company itself ranks the importance of its beer making operation behind both wine and kitchenware (?) in importance. Wankers.

For those planning to attend the Brewers of Indiana Guild's Indiana Microbrewers Festival in Broad Ripple on July 17, here is the story behind the next Indiana ReplicAle. Note that there will be no Friday evening brewers dinner function this year, but that the festival will expand in territorial terms on Saturday; more space, more beer.

Pizzaria owners are advised to short the public when it comes to draft beer pours, and I don't doubt the chicanery. At the same time, anyone taking advice about beer from Pizza Marketing Quarterly isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen. Ask the Curmudgeon, people.

In Kentucky, a bourbon tasting bill is caught in a legislative fight, and the part that catches my attention is Rep. Clark noting that he doesn't want to see bourbon tastings in "every corner liquor store," although making exceptions for the Equestrian Games makes sense. Isn't the principle the same, either way?

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