Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shocker: Browning’s Restaurant and Brewery is gone.

First, the good news.

Saturday night was the finale of NABC’s first ever Fringe Fest. Our banner facing Spring Street told the story: Live Music, Craft Beer, No Cover!

Close to 20 kegs of beer were vended on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and by the time Sativa Gumbo finished its set early Sunday morning, only Kaiser 2nd Reising remained on tap. Everything else was gone.

However, there was much sadness. My giddiness over Fringe Fest’s success was radically tempered early in the evening as reports continued to come in to the effect that Browning’s Brewery would unexpectedly be closing as of Saturday night.

So it has, according to this somewhat surreal press release, which strangely mixes past and present tenses, and claims victory after acknowledging defeat. What comes next? I'll try to let you know after I learn more this week.

Park Place and Browning's Restaurant to Close This Weekend

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (October 11, 2008) - - Park Place Restaurant and Browning's Restaurant and Brewery will officially close their doors this Saturday, Oct. 11 after dinner service.

"We have had many years of success," said Susan Friedrich, general manager for both restaurants. "Although we have seen a steady increase in business, we feel the current state of our national economy will prove to prohibit the sustainability of our success. We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters and will miss them at our tables."

Park Place Restaurant received rave reviews after opening in 2004. This fine dining restaurant established itself as one of the city's top tables with farm fresh local ingredients and inventive dishes. Park Place has enjoyed many accolades including awards from AAA, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.

Browning's Restaurant and Brewery is an upscale gastropub with a similar philosophy of using fresh local ingredients. The brewing facility, housed within the restaurant, produces several brews including She Devil IPA and Bourbon Barrel Stout.

Park Place on Main and Browning's are located at 401 E. Main Street.


edward parish said...

My wife and I were at Browning's circa 17:00 and the waitstaff had been told only a few moments earlier, needless to say they all were a bit Zombied. The pub had been making a huge turn around in the last months and it was a shock to us as well. A GREAT comforting place to relax and have dinner and drink. Will be missed, but hopefully someone with cashflow will take it over and lead it to the next level.

The Homeroaster said...

Hey, let's drop the liferafts and abandon ship. We're not taking on water, and the ship seems to be doing very well, but just in case, we're jumping ship.

antzman said...

I've heard word that they might try and keep the brewery going, if they can convince their investors. The brewery was the one profitable portion of the enterprise, so there still is some hope there.

SBB said...

I knew something wasn't right when paper cocktail napkins replaced the branded coasters. What a sad loss, especially for the staff.

sbb said...

Don't these investors have any cojones? The phrase "Sorry we have to drink and run...." comes to mind, however that's the public-consumption version.

Anonymous said...

Susan Friedrich, Manager, Browning's Restaurant & Brewery:

Ate there last October and really enjoyed it.
I am the author of the first (and to date, only) biography on Pete Browning, entitled AMERICAN GLADIATOR: The Life And Times Of Pete Browning.
Would you be intersted ina book signing?

Philip Von Borries