Thursday, October 09, 2008

In LEO this week: "Bar Belle vs. Mr. Mug Shots" (an NABC Fringe Fest preview).

After following the link and reading my sassy answers to Sara's sassy questions about Fringe Fest (starts this afternoon!), check out the Louisville Eccentric Observer's (LEO) updated web site.

Bar Belle vs. Mr. Mug Shots

The New Albanian Brewing Co. is hosting the Fringe Fest this weekend (Oct. 9-11) at the new Bank Street Brewhouse in New Albany. Mr. Mug Shots Roger Baylor agreed to answer a few questions.

Meanwhile, everything's shaping up for Fringe Fest. We've had the expected musical cancellation or two -- Roz Tate (death in the family) and Social Ties Denied (unexpected defection in the band family) are the two that spring to mind. We'll all be thinking of you, Roz.

Entrance to Fringe Fest is gratis, but remember that it's 21 and over only. We open the gates whenever the beer trailer comes on Thursday, then circa 1 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the music starts around 5 p.m., although earlier on Friday. It's Harvest Homecoming, so parking's always a full-contact sport ... beware of restrictions that may be posted in pencil on cardboard and duct-taped to a utility pole.

Here's the updated scoop on NABC's Fringe Fest ... beer, music, film, art and “Harvest Culture on the Skids.”

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