Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rich O's/NABC and the LEO Readers' Choice winners: Best Beer List, and ...

Look, we all know that reader polls are, shall we say, unscientific. They're fun, and also wonderfully stuffable, usually at the urging of the bartendress whose bra isn't. I don't take them too seriously apart from passing annoyance (can a brewpub with 10 taps ever have a better beer list than what I've offered for the past decade?), although at times they might prove useful while composing advertising copy ... which we tend not to purchase.

Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO), for whom I write twice monthly columns, released the results of its annual Readers' Choice poll while I was in Europe. This one is hard to fathom:

Best Restaurant Overall (S. Indiana)
1) Rocky’s
2) Rich O’s
3) La Rosita

This one is precisely as it should be, but occasionally has not been in recent years:

Best Beer List
1) Rich O’s
2) Flanagan’s Ale House
3) Old Chicago

One can at least make a case for all three of the "best beer list" finalists, especially Flanagan's. As for the "best restaurant" voting, while flattered at the inclusion, I don't think we're even the best in New Albany. Call it a beer list effect if you will. La Rosita's is a phenomenon of rare excellence, and Jeffersonville's Come Back Inn does better job than Rocky's, at least in my opinion, although the latter's post position on the Ohio may have influenced the voting.

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