Thursday, October 16, 2008

Browning's still brewing beer.

Apparently both the Browning's and Park Place restaurants are closed for good, but all indications are that brewing will proceed for off-premise distribution, at least for the foreseeable future, and that's good news.

Browning's beers are brewed by Brian Reymiller and distributed locally by River City (Louisville) and World Class Beverages (Indiana). Brian's She-Devil IPA has become a great favorite in metro Louisville, and justifiably so.

When I learn more about the future of the brewing arm of Browning's, I'll let you know.


Sean said...

Hallelujah! Now there's good news. I assume you'll try to carry it if you can get it? I remember you saying you were going to carry She-Devil on the Lupulin Land menu, so we're definitely going to have to make it across the river this weekend.

The New Albanian said...

She-Devil's not on tap yet ... probably the end of next week.


Sean said...

Sounds like I have a need for a second trip, then ;-)