Monday, October 13, 2008

BBC's Kick in the Baltic triumphs at the '08 GABF.

A hearty pat on the back (he'd prefer the rump) goes to Bluegrass Brewing Company's brewer of record at the original Shelbyville Road location.

Jerry Gnagy scored a gold medal at the recently concluded Great American Beer Festival for his Kick in the Baltic Porter, which last appeared at the Public House during the 2008 edition of Gravity Head and was tippled by the Publican on more than one occasion during its run.

It remains a favored beer style of mine, and Jerry's success has me thinking about reviving the NABC version, called Solidarity, which was last brewed too long ago. If we started lagering a batch soon, it'd be perfect for GH '09 (The Liver Olympics).

Here's a piece I wrote from a couple years back that goes into greater depth. When reading, be aware that several of the listed beers no longer are available through legal distribution channels in Indiana. They come, they go.

Baltic, Russian and Ukrainian bottled beer blast: Porter and more.

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