Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update: Upgrading the “everyday” guest imported draft selection at the Public House.

I first wrote of this in February., and many readers and customers have asked for an update, so here it is.

We're still working on the previously announced draft changes at the Public House. Specifically, the “everyday” guest imported draft selection will be upgraded by adding a few spouts to the front keg box behind the bar, but progress has been impeded by two unexpected occurrences: The delayed arrival of the special Delirium Tremens tower, and the abrupt withdrawal of Rodenbach from America.

Also, there has been another unexpected occurrence that’s more favorable to all concerned: The unanticipated possibility to obtain St. Bernardus ABT 12.

The custom tower, to be obtained from the importers of Delirium Tremens, has been the first hang-up; in short, it still awaits shipment to the United States, and we can do nothing until it arrives and is delivered by the beer rep. The Delirium Tremens tap will be a "family" tap in the sense of also pouring Nocturnum on occasion and Noel in season. In the interim, I'll be trying my best to keep Delirium Tremens pouring in the customary fashion.

The Rodenbach situation is more mystifying. It has been withdrawn from US distribution, and while definitive word is absent, rumor has it that there will be a reintroduction perhaps a year from now. It was a prime goal of mine to have a Belgian sour red as the centerpiece of the enhanced draft selection, and the current coping mechanism involves serving Monk’s Café Flemish Sour as the default pour, while stockpiling as much kegged Rodenbach as possible so that once a month, either the Classic or the Grand Cru will be on tap. Note that owing to the considerable expense of storing all these kegs (a year’s worth in stock), the periodic Rodenbach will be a bit pricier than anticipated. Look for the next installment some time during the week after Derby.

The other additions will be personal favorites from Belgium and Germany (see below), and the impetus is two-fold. Our major priority for the foreseeable future is implementing Operation Progressive Pint and creating another (production) brewery and taproom in downtown New Albany. Nothing will change at the current location, but I’d like to see the pub and pizzeria operating at peak efficiency, which to me means further enhancing the guest draft selection, both imported and craft-brewed, and positioning our house-brewed beers to contrast and complement these.

Here's the anticipated lineup, and don't forget that it might yet be possible to squeeze another tap into the mix.

Delirium Tremens (family)
Monk’s Café Flemish Sour/Rodenbach Classic/Rodenbach Grand Cru
Saison Dupont (family; rotation among sister Dupont brands)
Chimay Tripel
St. Bernardus ABT 12
Schlenkerla Marzen
Aventinus Weizen Doppelbock

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