Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Southern Indiana wineries.

My favorite all-time package store name was attached to an off-license in Skibbereen, Ireland: The Grape and the Grain.

My world’s the latter, and I’m prepared as ever to argue on its behalf, but as evidence that wine is enjoying a resurgence locally:

Southern Indiana sprouts bumper crop of wineries; The word is spreading on the grapevine, by Grace Schneider (Courier-Journal)

The grand opening of the Best Vineyards Winery north of Elizabeth "was a great day" and "a lot of work" said (Wilbert) Best, a UPS computer programmer.

It also marked something of a trend in Southern Indiana.

No one is calling the region a mini-Napa Valley, but it is quickly becoming the state's largest grape producer, with a bumper crop of six new wineries opened or planned to open, from last fall through June 2009.

They join roughly a dozen established wineries within about 90 miles of downtown Louisville.

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antzman said...

And here I thought Keg Liquors was your favorite liquor store name!