Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brewhouses, both BJ's and BS.

Some time last week, it suddenly occurred to me that NABC's projected new brewery in downtown New Albany should come to be known as the Bank Street Brewhouse. Maybe the original location might eventually be referred to as NABC Grant Line. At any rate, Bank Street Brewhouse could be the NABCBSB, or better yet, the BS Brewhouse.

I like the idea of BS Brewhouse, as opposed (for instance) to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, the newly opened Louisville outpost of a chain originating in California. BJ's says it is a brewhouse, but the beer being sold in Louisville comes from Reno, Nevada, where it is brewed -- literally -- in a brewhouse. That's because a brewhouse is where beer is brewed. At minimum, that's the mash tun and kettle ... right?

Even if I'm unable to predict when the project will come to fruition, at least NABC will be brewing beer downtown at the Bank Street Brewhouse.

A "brewhouse" like BJ's where no beer is brewed? Sorry, but that's BS to me.

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