Sunday, April 20, 2008

Planning underway for the 2008 Belgian/Dutch beercycling adventure in September.

Most readers are aware that the brew tour planned for the Pacific Northwest in May was cancelled owing to insufficient numbers. Resources now are being directed toward September, when we'll undertake a Belgian/Dutch beercycling adventure.


Know that the projected excursion is being organized primarily for the benefit of those planning on actively beercycling, with other possibilities incorporated as practicable for those who aren’t.

The idea this time is to rent bikes, not take our own, and to have them transported separately to our staging area near Poperinge. We’ll travel by train from Amsterdam/Haarlem to Poperinge, stopping for two or three brewery tours along the way, begin the biking segment on the weekend of the triennial hop festival, then cycle back to Haarlem for concluding festivities.

If there is enough interest in renting a vehicle to serve as “sag wagon,” then we’ll do that, too.


The tentative schedule looks like this, and is subject to constant revision.

Tue. Sept. 16
Outbound Louisville to Amsterdam (overnight)

Wed. Sept. 17
Arrive Amsterdam a.m., transfer to rooms in Amsterdam (or Haarlem)

Thur. Sept. 18
Train to Mechelen (Belgium) for the Anker (Gouden Carolus) brewery tour and overnight stay at the brewery hotel if possible.

Fri. Sept. 19
Train to Ingelmunster, brewery tour at Van Honsebrouck (Kasteel brands) and maybe the Pico Brouwerij Alvinne, and overnight in Ingelmunster and/or environs.

Sat. Sept. 20
Train to Poperinge, Ieper or environs to meet the bicycles at the pre-designated lodging. Hopefully, a bike ride to France and a visit to the great beer bar atop the hill at Cassel.

Sun. Sept. 21
Parade and hop festival in Poperinge.

Mon. Sept. 22
Leave the vicinity of Poperinge and ride to Brugge; evening at Brugs Beertje.

Tue. Sept. 23
A second day in Brugge so as to make the rounds of friends and good beer bars.

Wed. Sept. 24
Bike to Middelburg (Netherlands) and an evening at “The Mug” beer bar & restaurant.

Thur. Sept. 25, Fri. Sept. 26
Make our way north toward Haarlem.

Sat Sept. 27
Arrive in Haarlem and have a party with our friends there.

Sun. Sept. 28
Official tour end. Your option as to what to do next.


Flights are your responsibility, and I’ll be going in/out of Amsterdam, but I can make suggestions if need be or try to book as many of us as possible on the same flights if you wish. For flights, I work through Bliss Travel in New Albany.


Don’t kid yourselves about costs. They will be high. When all is said and done, I can’t imagine 12-14 days costing any less than $4,000, and maybe more.


If any part of this is of interest, please let me know by responding to basic questions:

A. Yes, I’ll be renting a bike and riding.

B. Yes, but I’d rather ride in the sag wagon, understanding that seating may be limited.

C. Yes, but I’m going to travel by train and coincide with the group whenever possible.

D. Yes, but I have special needs/specific dates/etc.

Thanks, and I hope to see some of you there.

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Mike said...

damnit. can you postpone this until next year? i've got a bum knee and no money.

hope you guys have a good time. i'm jealous as hell. say hi to tom boonen for me.

Hoosier Beer Geek