Thursday, January 24, 2008

Verily, people are strange.

Here is the transcript of an actual conversation, as overheard last week at the bar.


First guy: Have you been to the Fishery?

Second guy: No. What's it like?

First guy: It's really good. They have great chicken strips and onion rings.

Second guy: What's it called again?

First guy: The Fishery.

Second guy: Don't they serve fish at the Fishery?

First guy: But I don't like fish.


Somehow it reminds me of people who go to a brewpub, survey the fermenters handsomely on display, express admiration for the concept, then order a Miller Lite.

I'm not sure which is more annoying: That someone orders chicken strips at a Fishery, or that they offer them on the menu.

Same goes for Miller Lite and the brewpub.


Bean said...

Maybe the Fishery has the best onion rings and chicken in town?

I know people who come to Sportstime for the food and skip the beer altogether. Though, they'd drink Miller Lite if you had it. It's all about personal taste!

smoosh said...

Or the lack thereof.

Bean said...

Hey man, that's like, your opinion.