Sunday, January 27, 2008

A local perspective can improve on a .143 batting average.

On the one hand, I’m appreciative whenever New Albany’s newspaper, the Tribune, chooses to run a story about beer. Just such an article appeared in today’s Sunday edition as part of a “lifestyle” section, and while it isn’t archived at the Tribune’s own site, you can read it here courtesy of the Duluth News Tribune:

Now’s the time to savor winter ales, by Peter M. Gianotti (Newsday).

When the ground turns white, the brews go dark. It’s time for malty wintry ales. There are plenty good choices, most at $12 or less for a six-pack …

On the other hand, while I can’t speak for Duluth, of the seven beers cited in the article, only one can be purchased within the state of Indiana (Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser).

How much use is a 195-word article about “malty wintry ales” from upstate New York, Maine and Pennsylvania when Indiana readers are unable to sample the beers mentioned?

Obviously, I could have written a piece in like fashion. So could Todd Antz from Keg Liquors. Either of us could offer examples of the genre that a reader could actually purchase and taste.

Which is exactly what I’ll do in this space on Monday.


antzman said...

Apparently its easier to reprint something from another market than to actually check with a local source on something like this. They most likely would have avoided Roger and myself, and gone to the local watering hole for information. We would have short reviews on Michelob Celebrate (Both the Vanilla and Cherry versions!), Blue Moon Winter, and Coors Winterfest.

Tovrax said...

I think the people of Indiana would appreciate an article on how it is a good idea to drink Miller Chill during the winter because it will psychologically bring you to the Carribean...or something...