Wednesday, January 02, 2008

From the hand pull: Clipper City Loose Cannon Hop 3 later this evening.

We're back to pick up the pieces after a great holiday season.

As things get back on track, I'll be updating the weekly newsletter posting throughout the day and on Thursday. Currently the draft listings are incomplete, but reasonably accurate: Publicanista! January 3, 2008.

As noted often, cooler weather means we’re back in cask-conditioned “real ale” season. The Jaipur IPA blew on Saturday before New Year's, and because we had an unexpected chance to score a firkin of Clipper City Loose Cannon Hop 3, it's being tapped later today.

After the Hop 3 is gone, we'll turn to the second of two selections from the Thornbridge Hall microbrewery in the UK: St. Petersburg Imperial Stout (7.7% abv). Foraging is underway to determine what will be pouring when the preceding are depleted. I've been told that the WinterCoat Vildmose scheduled as a regular keg during Saturnalia will be coming belatedly as a cask-conditioned firkin, but the ETA is unknown. Look for an NABC selection or two as we explore options.

For more information on cask-conditioned ale:

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)

Warm, Flat and Boring -- the Truth About Cask Ale, from Rate Beer.

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