Sunday, January 13, 2008

BBC - Shelbyville Road location to reopen Monday following renovations.

A few of Bluegrass Brewing Company's daytime refugees came to the Public House last week to await the conclusion of BBC's remodeling. Here's the lowdown, as submitted by Becca MacGilvray and pasted from the Louisville Restaurants Forum. New Albanian foodies should note that Dave Clancy, formerly of Bistro New Albany, has been at BBC in an informal kitchen consultative mode in the run-up to the new menu mentioned by Becca.


BBC St. Matthews will have its Grand Re-Opening on Monday January 14th. We have been closed for a week but for many of our regular customers, it has seemed much longer!

We welcome you all to a new and improved BBC. We will be rolling out a new menu on Monday as well. The new menu will include some old favorites: Brewhouse Nachos, Shepherd's Pie and our much requested beer mustard. The menu will also have a Hot Bacon and Spinach Salad, a Portabello Burger, a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich and Fried Polenta.

I would like to personally invite all of you forumites to come and enjoy our new BBC and let me know about your experience, from the service to the food. The more knowledge we have about each individual experience, the better equiped we are to provide a wonderful dining and drinking experience. So please come and join us this month as we celebrate a new era for BBC.


Becca then was asked to comment on the changes to BBC's interior.


Of course I can leak a few details for you!

There is a huge projection tv in the dining room by the stage. The main bar has some new construction behind the bar. As a bartender, I am thrilled about those renovations. The changes behind the bar are hard to describe but the look is wonderful. I can't wait until I get to work back there on Tuesday!

Um, the floors have been redone, everything has been repainted and lots of new decor has been added to spruce of the place. I went in today and was incredibly excited about how it looked. I've worked there for so long that it is very much my home away from home. I feel kind of like the folks on Extreme Home Makeover. Okay, its not that extreme but it is very exciting. I guess the overwhelming feeling going in was clean and spacious and very inviting!

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john paul said...

It might be noted that NABC regular John Paul worked as the interior design consultant on the BBC East redecorating project, providing a working 50-page plan to the owner for the project late last summer.

I've also designed and produced the two new chalkboards in the brewpub and credit should be given in part to the NABC for divine inspiration.

While you're checking it all out notice how the brewery lighting has been color-filtered to create a 'stage' for the brewing talents of Jerry Gnagy & Cameron Finnis.