Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We now live in a Third World country …

… but with plenty of guns, gas-guzzlers and mass produced alcoholic soda pop.

Once upon a time, a customer asked the bartender at one of the Hops chain of bland brewpubs, “How many different colors can you guys make Budweiser?”

Now, NABC’s brewer Jesse Williams asks: “How many different heather ales can we make?”

No one’s laughing any more when the topic turns to the medieval practice of balancing malt sweetness with tree bark. For now, the worldwide hop shortage is real, and malt’s not cheap, either, since farmers can more profitably grow corn for inserting into our gas tanks so we can continue driving 50 yards to the foot of the driveway to collect the mail.

Stainless steel? It’s all in China.

And, you have to be ever vigilant and ready to unleash the Taser lest a local meth head is spotted climbing up the wall outside in broad daylight to filch thirteen inches of copper wire.

Our current house guest, a native of Plymouth, England, just nods her head as I complain. After all, she grew up in the UK during the 50's and 60's, and watched first hand what happens after the empire goes away.

Roger Waters did, too, and he said it best:

“Hello … is there anybody in there …”

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Matthew D Dunn said...

Nice. But depressing.