Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three things I learned during the past week.

Better stated, it's three things I already knew, but permitted a measure of reinforcment in my mind.

When the best beer available in the area that is billed as Millionaire’s Row is Heineken, and it is served in a can, it’s obvious that people don’t go to Churchill Downs to drink good beer. Or, for that matter, any casino.

The dialect spoken by locals isn’t German, and most Bavarian beer halls offer neither hamburgers nor ESPN on television, but Newport’s Hofbrauhaus is as authentic as might be hoped given the many differences in pork production between Kentucky and Franconia. The Weizenbock was brilliant.

The Thomas Family Winery in Madison is responsible for great wine, cider and even Sack (a variety of sherry), and even better, the Celtic ambience of its tasting room provides a contrarian’s favored change of pace from the usual winery chic.

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Jeremy a/o Nicole said...

Roger, you might be interested to know we're doing our part to change the Churchill situation. Last I knew, Kentucky Ale & Light are now available in the Matt Winn Dining Room and the Turf Club at the Downs. Someone also told me they saw some bottles in a little deli cart on the second floor.
-Jeremy from Alltech

The New Albanian said...

I didn't see any, but then again my search was by no means exhaustive.

Thanks for the heads up.